About Us

Next Level Provision was started from a dark and lonely space in my life. I had lost everything and really felt that I no longer had a purpose. In my mind, it was so bad that I actually asked God to take me. One night, God revealed Himself to me in 1 Kings 17:2-6. He then began to send people to me to assist me in putting the pieces back together. During that time, I adopted the slogan, “God Will Provide”.

It started as motivation for myself on a poster board on my wall. Then one day, I put it on a t-shirt and I became a walking testimony. I never felt comfortable just walking up to people but I had no problem with people walking up to me. The t-shirt became a conversation starter. Some people walk up to me and share their stories or others walk up to me and thank me for confirmation.

All that being said, I am thankful to God that this brand has been such a blessing to so many in the form of encouragement and the fact that a portion of all sales will fund families in need, the homeless and other charities.

You too can help with our mission of sharing the word of God with the world and bless others while doing so. Help us share God’s GREATNESS here.